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Last night around 2:45 am, we were half-watching a Life of Ryan marathon and contemplating whether or not to make a run for TBell. In this episode, Ryan’s recently jilted mom was lamenting about the sad state of her love life, how difficult it was to meet someone, yadda, yadda, yadda. Right then an there it dawned on us that we had just witness the birth of a full fledge cougar. Miraculous! And an O.C. one at that. Which means that not just any handsome and virile man-boy would satisfy her growing hunger. (more…)

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Should blogs blog about other blogs? The answer to that is probably the same answer to what’s the sound of one hand clapping. We give props to whomever for whatever. And right now we’d like to give a little shout out to our friends at Rvca, who have given us a year’s worth of inspiration. Their blog offering is a collection of photo journals, original art, philosophies and utterings from a motley crue of the industry’s brightest and up-and-comers. Try it, you’ll like it. And while you’re at it take a look at Rvca’s ANP Quarterly, which focuses on “the broader sense of art and community.” Huh? Sorry, we’ve been watching Lost TV for a while now and have sorta lost our smarts.

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Truth be told, we really like what Lauren Conrad has come up with. It’s sexy without being slutty, looks easy to wear, and is stylish enough to go from the nail salon to Les Deux with just a quick switch of heels and handbag. But what has us scratching our heads are the spendy price tags. It’s expensive. Too expensive for the plethora of tweens that make up her largest fan demographic. We’re also wondering why it’s only available online? Bad timing or bad advice one has to imagine. I’m guessing the marketing meeting went something like this: “Lauren sweetie, it’s all about the buzz. First we get the gays, then we go for the wannabes, and then…JC Penny’s!!!” We’re sure Lisa Love has already reminded her that this is definitely “not the Teen Vogue way of doing things.” So before you get further into to credit card debt check out our styles first. You’ll still look like a goddess, but a down to earth prices.


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Okay, so this website may be a tad juvenile but we’re completely addicted. The next time you have 5 minutes of 3 hours to spare, check out Girl Dress Up. Housing an endless amount of games, scenarios and situations, you can become Chinese Barbie’s personal stylist, try your hand at tattooing an anime super hero, or explore new and exciting styles of eyebrows. Our personal favorites are Positively Tight Plush Dress and How To Wear Tights. No word yet on the launch of Joys of Manscaping.