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It just so happens that one of our favorite galleries is also one of the most exclusives. Not that it intended to be; it’s just cool like that. You really gotta respect a joint that makes you hustle to get in the door. So on the off chance that it’s the weekend, you’re awake, you’re not hung, you’re in Laguna, and the MILFy traffic isn’t killing you, swing by the Laguna Surf Gallery. Owned and operated by Will Pennartz (formerly of Surfer Magazine’s Travel Reports) the gallery is only open from noon to six on Saturday and Sunday. The shows are the coolest and most connected, plus you can always count on booze, music and a few celebrities milling about. Artists include Thomas Campbell, Wolfgang Bloch, Andy Davis, Bud Brown, John Severson, Ron Stoner, and Patrick Trefz. Be sure to have some cash on hand as you’ll definitely want to score some of the exhibition posters.

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Long, long, looooong overdue, Australia’s much loathed and loved surf periodical, Stab Magazine, recently launched their awaited website and blog. Clever, rude and funny as hell, audiences worldwide can now wallow in an endless amounts of damaging athlete profiles, bitter editorials, and irrefutably some of the best surf journalism ever printed.
It takes balls to call Heath Walker the “ultimate piece of man poontang,” challenge readers to “pick a fucking side” of the Palestinian debate, or dare to explore the surfer / crystal meth connection. But with an immense fan base that includes civilians, hardcore nationalists, jet skiers, aging nannas, and everyone’s brother, Stab has set a new standard for media excellence (See you later, Wiggles).

“Every issue makes you want to keep cheering for them, hoping they blow more money on big things and leave every editorial comment on the verge of saying too much.” – People Magazine Australia

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It’s getting harder and harder for lesbian vampires who fancy folk art, fashion and all things Tolkien to find like minded soul mates these days. But one (let’s face it: the ONLY) Leucadian art emporium is doing it’s best to rectify that. Well known among the under ground, Ducky Waddles is fighting the good fight to keep erotic art, extreme cultures, and alternative religions alive and kicking. From it’s impressive housing of graffiti art coffee table books, glass works, first edition OBEY posters, toys, collectibles, used books, international tattoo magazines, comic books, and a decent collection of early-American pornography, Duckie’s is everything the extreme right wing is afraid of. Coincidently, owners Jerry Waddle and Joyce Rooks are also credited for archiving one of the most extensive collections of early surf and skate art and inspirations. Openings and exhibitions are on the regular, with favoritism to local up-and-comers. But that’s not say that heavy hitters aren’t part of the mix. Recent showings have included Andy Howell and Shepard Fairey.

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For most of us in the industry the arrival of fall is like the second coming of Christ. It’s a big, big deal. Florals turn to plaids, lightweight linen becomes heavy tweed, bare legs look to tights, and the hemlines will bring you to your knees. This season is especially major, much in part due to the re-arrival of grunge. While most trends re-circulate every 20 to 25 years, this heavy layered look with an I-don’t-give-a-piss attitude has been resurrected early. What can we say? Chic happens. (more…)