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Sophie Leddick is one of the coolest, sharpest girls you’ll probably never meet. And the fact that she’s a model is one of the least interesting things about her. Raised in San Diego and now living in Brooklyn, Sophie got her start in the biz at age 16. Her skills for surfing and effortless grace from years of studying classical ballet made her a natural for brands like Hobie Swimwear, DC Shoes, Quiksilver and Roxy. (more…)

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Whoa, those guys at Hurley must be psychic. How else did they know that their Make Up / Break Up hoodies would debut at exactly the same time half of young Hollywood was having psychotic episodes. Mental breakdowns are so hot right now.

All craziness aside, these cool and modern zip-up sweatshirts give off a fairly normal first impression. But like a lot of pretty faces, their bipolar tendencies are seething just below the surface. Featuring zippers at front and back, and contrasting patterns, two separate hoodies can be torn apart and pieced back together in a variety of combinations. (Screw you Dr. Phil.) Designed to compliment the wearer’s many moods (or mood swings), it’s almost like getting four trendy sweatshirts for the price of two. We also hear that reversible versions will be available in spring 2008.

Could designer handbags that have adopted third-world orphaned wallets be far behind?

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Hot Chicks With Douchebags. The name pretty much says it all. Plain and simple, this is blogging at its finest: Lots and lots of photos of pretty girls posing with donkeys.

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You all know Simple right? That nice little shoe company based out of Santa Barbara? Well they’re actually doing big, big things in the sustainable manufacturing arena, putting themselves way ahead of their competitors on the eco-friendly front. Seems like this once stereotypical shoe maker has gone the anti-establishment route by making products with a heavy dose of reality.

Recycled car tires, organic cotton, jute fiber, bamboo, recycled PET bottles, and post-consumer recycled boxes are just a handful of the revolutionary materials Simple uses. (Granola not included.) But they’d be the first to tell you that HOW they make their shoes isn’t nearly as important as WHY they make them.