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Seems like everyone’s playing games these days. So, either the boss is out of town or we’re all suffering an early mid-life crisis. Either way, for most people work is a lot less sucky lately.

We’re going to give a lot of credit on this to shoe and sandal maker Sanuk, who’s been hard at work making life less boring for the masses. (By the way, did you know their name is Thai for “happiness”?) Their indoor bocce ball set is transforming cubical life around the world, and introducing an old world game to a new generation. Who knew the old men in bad hats and too-tight pants were having so much fun?

And as an added bonus the balls can also double as jumbo hacky sacks, so now even the warehouse crew can get a piece of the action.

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The music industry was turned on its ear this morning when Radiohead allowed the launch of their fifth album, In Rainbows, to be downloaded for FREE. Recently ending their contract with EMI/Capitol, this marks their first release since Hail to The Thief in 2003.

Fans do have the option of paying/donating any price they deem worthy. But why would they? Because the chance to send major music labels a big F-U is a deal too sweet to pass up. With all proceeds going directly to the band, the launch is not sitting to well with record executives. Especially when powerhouses Oasis and Jamiroquai are rumored to be planning their own free album downloads.

Typically once all marketing and production costs have been paid, bands can expect less than a buck per album sale. But with this revolutionary endeavor all negotiations and middle men are cut out.

Ironically, Raidohead’s public generosity could make Rainbows their most profitable album yet.

Check out Zero Paid.com’s in-depth article on the launch, and take a moment to review the pie chart explaining how many gazillions of dollars record labels are really making. Scary stuff.

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Our friends at Dwell.com are always so quick to report on the cool come-ups. Take their recent post on the new iPod Death Clock website for example. Ultra convenient, this site predicts when your little friend will bite it. All you do is enter the serial number, and BAM! You’ll get a readout stating whether it’s all good or a gonner. Think about it, with this information you can appear all-the-more chivalrous to that clingy coworker you had the one-nighter with: “No, you go ahead and keep it. We’ll always have the memories of Taco Tuesday.” Or then again you may want to get it back prior to dumping your latest mistake right before Christmas. We’re just hoping this type of technology really takes off. We’ve been wondering about our Betta fish and Sandra Bullock’s career for a while now.

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We’ll admit, getting to see Natalie Portman’s bare ass, as perfect as it is, isn’t the only reason you should check out Wes Anderson’s new short Hotel Chevalier. But it’s a pretty damn good one. Serving as a mini prologue to the soon-to-be-released The Darjeeling Limited, the 13-minute short depicts an awkward lovers’ goodbye between Jack (Jason Schwartzman) and his ex (Portman). Filmed entirely in room 204 of a fictional Parisian hotel, the story gives viewers a sideways glance into Jack’s mindset prior to embarking on a spiritual journey through India with his brothers following their father’s death. (more…)