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Hammer Pants: Hot Trend Or Flashmob Fodder?

Love ’em or hate ’em, Hammer pants have made an unexpected comeback. And no one was more surprised about it than these unsuspecting skinny jeans shoppers. If you’re new to the rising flashmob phenomena, prepare to be shocked and amazed.

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Huge Sale! New Markdowns On The Best Beach Gear


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The Eyes Have It



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SCHS Surf Team Spotlight: Al Brandenburg


Judging by is immense amount of career wins, intense training schedule, heavy involvement as a city lifeguard-not to mention his dedication to San Clemente High’s varsity surfing, swimming and water polo teams-you’d think there were actually two Scott Brandenburgs.

As it turns out there is, sort of. Scott has a twin named Steve, and while we’re not exactly sure of his lookalike’s super powers, we’re pretty sure he’s equally competitive. That sort of thing seems to be the norm with twins.

But whether it’s intense sibling rivalry, personal ambition or some other driving force, Scotty has it in spades. His career highlights are nothing short of amazing, with titles such as the 2009 NSSA Open Longboard Points Champ, 2009 NSSA West Coast Champ, 2009 South Coast League Longboard Champ, 2008 WSA Longboard Champ, and 2008 NSSA Explorer Longboard Points Champ. (Actually that’s less than half the wins Scotty mentioned, but we stopped typing when we began to feel bad about ourselves.)

With so much gold on his shelves you’d think he’d have stars in his eyes for life on the pro circuit. But once again his aspirations go beyond the norm. Way beyond. Should Scotty’s career path pan out as well as the rest of his goals he’ll soon be serving in the U.S. Coast Guard as a rescue swimmer. Talk about your everyday heroes.

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