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You know guys, Nair isn’t just for the ladies anymore. They make a great man-scaping product for the shoulders and back that will give you the confidence to pull off the big tank trend headed for spring/summer ’09. If you hadn’t heard, wifebeaters have taken a back seat to the retro stylings of the Beach Boys tank. Made to be worn loose and easy, you’ll soon know why it’s a fav of your dad, Magnum and Dog The Bounty Hunter. Featured above is the Troy tank from The Ryde, who is slated to be the supreme leader in the sleeveless look. We suggest pairing it with Quik’s 18.5″ Zephyr cord walkshorts for a leathal early ’80s vibe that gives your fans front row tickets to the gun show.

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We should start with a word of warning: Before launching this video you should be sitting down and not planning to operate any heavy equipment for a while. What you’re about to view is a behind-the-scenes look at Hurley’s Fall 2009 photo shoot with Bar Rafaeli. As the number one downloaded video on MySpace last week, the clip went viral with 84,000 views in its first day. I’m pretty sure Bar gives a brief interview or says something, but I can’t recall because each time I’ve watched it I’ve been struck stupid with her wanton ways. Is it weird for a straight girl to call another girl a sex kitten? It probably is, but that’s the best definition I have for her. Hands down the hottest model-muse ever featured by a core surf brand, Bar’s campaign is sure to go down as the most successful in action sports’ history. We just hope the competition gets going with some fierce copy-cat action. (Check out Bar’s Windchester Coat and Low Rider jeans.)

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Twice a year, the entire action sports industry converges to San Diego for three hectic days at the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) trade shows. Here, retailers from around the globe will view lines and purchase orders for the upcoming seasons, attend informative market strategy seminars, and have the chance to further develop their network of business associates—all in a constructive and encouraging environment.

And immediately following those busy first few hours, they perv.

Who are we kidding? ASR is the best party you’ll probably never get to attend. It’s models and clowns and music and hangovers. And we’ve captured the best of it in the following photos.


Casey from Fuel TV’s “The Captain and Casey Show” takes his baby mamas for a walk.


The Skull Candy dancers can break your face, but they’ll never crack a smile.


Our little “strip search” joke was totally lost on the Contrabrand girls.


There was a big buzz around the upcoming “Gidget” movie. That being: Does anyone care?


This past ASR featured plenty of talk about the recession. Apparently these models had to make some severe cutbacks to reasonable taste.


Here’s our recomendation for fail safe stimulus plan.


And yet another Contrabrand model. Can you guess what she’s smuggling?



The model / sales rep made a point to tell us the Obama bikini bottoms were “just for fun.” I guess she mistook my “that’s tacky” expression for: “I wonder if I can wear these to work?”


Always a crowd pleaser, Body Glove never ceases to amaze.


Compared to her competition, this model seemed to sit higher than most.


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Very, very exciting stuff here—and not only because Swell is the first in the world to post this. Yesterday history was made as with the biggest and brightest fashion show in ASR history. (Be sure to select the “high quality” option at the bottom right of the video.) Showcasing the edgier trends for Fall 2009, looks included plenty of plaid shirts paired with boyfriend jeans, tie-dye accents on everything, large doses of grunge layering, and our favorite: textured knee-hi’s and leg warmers with wedge sandals. (Oh yeah, and don’t forget the snarky attitudes.) Staged in front of hundreds of eager onlookers who risked broken heels and camera lenses to get in, the show marked action sports’ emergence into the big, big leagues. You hear that, Whitney? Forget NYC; this weekend San Diego is the only city that matters. Featured brands included: Volcom, Element, BC Footwear, Lost, Vans, Fox, Ezekiel, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Matix, and Lucy Love.