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SCHS Surf Team Spotlight: Doug van Mierlo


“Take it one heat at a time.”
True words to live by; especially when they’re coming from the 2008 NSSA men’s high school state champion. At 17, Douglas McLean van Mierlo, AKA “Dougie” or “Dougie Fresh,” has the world on a string—and the weight of it on his shoulders. Not that he can’t handle it. Modest, intuitive and surprisingly cautious, he’s a dream player for any coach and a standout leader on any team.

“Work first, then play” is Doug’s other motto, and one that has helped him maintain a near perfect GPA as well as a coveted position as an instructor at a local summer surf camp. (more…)

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New Brands: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot


Did you hear that? It’s our hard ass bosses cracking the whip again. “COOLER! NEWER! BETTER!,” they scream. We never get to come down off our toes. Which is probably why we’re always a few steps ahead. Especially when it comes to discovering the best new brands. The Ryde, Insight, Hippy Tree, Few New Zealand, Analog, and GRN Apple Tree are just a handful of the up-and-coming brands we’re promoting this spring. We’ll do our best to make sure you come to know each one on a more intimate level, but for now we’d like to give you a deeper appreciation of The Ryde. (more…)

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Looky-looky at our dress booky! We pulled out all the stops for the debut of our first ever lookbook, featuring an exotic Hawaiian photo shoot and the best in dresses for spring 2009. Is there no end to the depths we go to bring you the best in fashion and photography? Is it any wonder we’ve been the surf industry’s favorite online retailer for nearly 10 years? Can you believe you still haven’t posted our RSS feed to your Facebook page?

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Final score: Swell – 10, 384, 222. Everyone else: 0.

This week’s launch of our new Surf Gallery series tees marks yet another monumentous occasion, proving Swell is indeed the world’s premier surf shop. (I think we’ve been saying that since day 1, but now we say it with a lot more conviction.) Partnering with the famed Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach, we’re featuring the works of some of their most prolific artists on limited runs of highly sought after t-shirts. Renowned artists include: Harry Daily, Koji Toyoda, Julie Goldstein and Scott Richards.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be profiling each artist, but I’d like to start with Harry Daily—being that I still owe him $30 for two signed posters I stole from him 12 years ago. (more…)