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SCHS Surf Team Spotlight: Chelsea Byland


Full Name: Chelsea Byland
Age: 16
Height: 5’9
Sponsors: Rusty, Electric, Sticky Bumps, Freestyle, Killer Dana, Soleo
Favorite Saying: Beggars can’t be choosers
First Board: I think it was a Lost fish, but I’m not sure
Current Boards And Setup: Rusty 5’11
Career Highlights: Winning the open women’s season last year in WSA
Goals For The Season: Win the open women’s season again
Favorite Break: Northside jetty
Home Break: T Street

Considering the amount of world class destinations Chelsea Byland has toured, she should seriously think about adding “Byair” and “Bysea” to her last name. No kidding, her passport is on par with most seasoned pros. The Mentawais, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, maybe Peru this summer… It’s enough to make any surfer envious. (more…)

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SCHS Surf Team Spotlight: Cody Ulrich



 Name:  Cody Joseph Ulrich
Age: 17
Height: 6’2”
Sponsors: Hobie Surfboards, Howard S. Wrigt, Nalu’s Island Grill, O’Fish’l Fins
Years Surfing: 7                  
Years Competing:
First Board: A Rich Harbour 10’6”. It was a garage sale special that was snapped in
half and my dad put back together.
Current Boards and Setups: They’re all Hobie 9’0” competitions custom shaped by
Gary Larsen with O’Fish’l tri-fin setups
Career Highlights: NSSA Middle School Champion; WSA West Coast
Champion; ISF Middle School and High School State Champion; 3rd at last year’s NSSA
Goals For The Season: Winning Nationals
Favorite Pros: Ned Snow – Best tail riding on a longboard; Dane
Reynolds –craziest airs; Kelly Slater…
Favorite Break: Saladias
Home Break: Churches

At just 17 years old Cody Ulrich has already learned the value of one of life’s trickiest lessons. That being: Actions speak louder than words.

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30 Ryde Tees For 30 Days


Swell and The Ryde want to give you the t-shirt off their back. Actually, 30 of them. Starting today through March 19, we’ll be giving away a Ryde t-shirt each day for a month. Impossible, you say? Enter now to find out. And just remember, we’re in the business of making dreams come true.

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New Brands: GRN Apple Tree



Having been the leading online surf retailer for the past 9 years has given Swell some obvious advantages. Needless to say, our buyers have seen and heard it all. Especially when it comes to the marketing pitches from new and emerging brands. Below is our list of the 5  most commonly used branding catch phrases:

  1. We’re totally different because we fill the void the rest of the surf industry has ignored
  2. Not only is our company made up of core surfers, but we like music AND art!
  3. Our new graphic artist is amazing. He’s this young homeless kid who’s so talented and core, he doesn’t have a cell phone or email. In fact, we haven’t heard from him in weeks.
  4. Our marketing director once competed in a WQS semi-final. He knows everyone!
  5. Our message is all about unique self-expression and creative individualism. Did we tell you Costco just placed a huge order?

So imagine our surprise when we discovered GRN Apple Tree, an eight-year-old thriving company that not only features contemporary art and activism, but has also earned a large following without ANY branding or advertising. Their popularity has spread strictly by word-of-mouth exposure—the best kind of marketing money can’t buy.  Really, you haven’t seen anything like GRN Apple Tree. Honest!