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Rip Curl Pro Search 2010 Puerto Rico Gear Now Available on Swell



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Thalia Surf Shop Presents:

11/11/10 – Thursday: Laguna Beach – At 7pm, Thalia Street Surf Shop will be hosting an event for Brixton & Deus Motorcycles for their collaboration debut. There will be raffles, giveaways and lots of vintage motorcycles on display. After 9pm the party will head down to the Marine Room where the beer will flow like wine and the women will instinctively flock to like the Inn at Capistrano…

Thalia Surf Shop Presents:

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Unlike fruit bootin’ when we think of skateboarding what do we think of? Drinking somebody’s chew spit by accident or sharting in your pants while out on a first date with a super hot fembot? No. We think of MASS FUN. Now if I was Ronnie St. textbook I would say that skateboarding can be a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation. Although this does pretty much sum up the act of skateboarding I don’t wanna sound like too much of a Ronnie St. text book fruitcake. In all reality skateboarding is a freedom machine. An outlet for the soul. It’s the fountain of youth and a good test for a human’s brain coordination. When we think of Sector 9 we think of the ultimate skate co that encapsulates this entire, magical spectrum. Now let’s check out 2 of Sector 9’s latest bomb-ass models that’ll make you scorch yer droors while riding them…..

PS. I love you Sector 9 Bread Bowl

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Product Showcase: Infinity Loose Cannon

Here we find the Youngman Laity in his natural habitat—an utter state of confusion. Frantically searching the highways, alleys and impasses of Dana Point, seeking the ever elusive Infinity Loose Cannon a spark ignites within his somewhat obtuse but unfeigned melon . Remembering how the Boehne Brothers always look so dapper-do, Youngman Laity realizes that they most likely frequent a magnificent lil barber shop called “The Kings Club ” for that fine, polished look. As Laity enters this quaint little establishment it’s no coincidence when he stumbles across one of the illustrious Boehne Brothers, Diamond Dave. Let us now watch the interaction of the species…….