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Blackout Bill’s Band of the Week – Beach Fossils

The Beach Fossils are a radical, Indie band from the city of Brooklyn. Their sound can best be described as dreamy lo-fi with a bit of reverb on the side. They’ve come out with 2 groovy albums and have released a few 7” singles in the past 2 years.

The Beachfossils’ lo-fi fuzzy sound punctuated with simple beats and thoughtful lyrics implores memories of simpler times. When asked lead singer Dustin Payseur “What are your musical influences?” Payseur responded- “Um. I take it from all over. I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Bach music done with a harpsichord. I’m influenced by whatever I’m listening to at the time and sometimes what I‘m reading influences me more than what I’m listening to. I’m reading some Vladimir Mayakovsky right now and a lot of poetry.”

When asked- “How did you come up with your band name?” Payseur replied- “Whenever I’m reading I make a list of words I like. Usually they’re words that aren’t as clear as Beach Fossils, but when you’re choosing a band name it needs to be something that people can remember. It’s kind of unfortunate because at the same time there was a lo-fi beach theme going on so we ended up getting lumped in with that. That has phased out so maybe people will stop associating us with that genre.”

Off of their latest 7” single the Beach Fossils came out with “Daydream.” This nostalgic track sounds just as it’s advertised. It captures the essence of a glorious summer day and carries an energetic, carefree vibe, packing tones of catchy hooks & memorable riffs.


Bill, accepting the consequences of his Fantasy Surfer wager.

Bill, accepting the consequences of his Fantasy Surfer wager.

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Blackout Bill’s Band of the Week – Ty Segall

After nearly a half-century of evolution, present day garage rock comes in many shapes and sizes. From pop-influenced girl groups & lo-fi fuzz aficionados to psychedelic acid noodlers and blue-based head stompers.

Laguna Beach-bred surfer, Ty Segall 24, is a refreshing figure in this discombobulated genre. His far-flung sound, one part grunge wail & the other part backwoods weirdo, touches on everything from rockabilly to proto-punk to catchy piano and flute-tinged classic rock.

Segall began his recording career as a part-time musician in various underground bands in Laguna Beach & San Francisco, before beginning a solo career in 2008. After coming out with 3 albums and a string of successful and limited 7” singles his 4th album “Melted,” was placed in some “Best of 2010 Lists,” including Pitchfork, Rolling Stone & Spin. “Melted,” was quoted from Pitchfork’s Paul Thompson as an album that will give you a “kick in the pants.”

Ty Segall is considered to be much evolved from his first album, and more in control of his music and voice. So much so, that he was chosen to perform at the 2011Outside Lands music festival in San Fransisco. We’ll see you there Ty, keep ripping.

Off of his latest album “Melted,” Segall really belts out this tune “Imaginary Person.”


Bill Laity
That’s me Bill Laity at a Black Lips show at the Detroit Bar. I was dancing with a girl and she did one of those “run up and catch me in the air type deals” but I couldn’t catch her (due to part-intoxication, part physics) so I fell back and she landed on me, knocking me out.

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Derek Hynd and his finless wonder board

Derek Hynd is an Australian surfer/shaper/writer. On top of being a former contest pro and intelligent writer, he’s one of surfing’s great innovators and explorers. His ability of high level surfing as well as having such an understanding of board shaping and hydrodynamics puts him in a category which only the likes of George Greenough and Tom Wegener can hold a candle to.

Derek Hynd and His Finlessboard

Over the past few years Derek has been shaping and riding his own finless surfboard design. Instead of joining the throngs on the trail of the Polynesian Alaia he’s been updating this concept by using the advances of bottom contours in PU blanks. This newly invented, skegless board design has allowed him to harness the reduction of friction along with having the hold, trim and turning properties of concave. These results may just be a window into the future. Derek Hynd we salute you!

Check out this mind blowing vid segment of D.H. riding some of his finless wonders

For more incredible footage of Derek Hynd add this radical classic to your video library asap: Litmus The Special Edition DVD-

Litmus Special Edition

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Christian Fletcher 20+ years ago

This legendary segment of Christian absolutely rules. I friggin’ love it. So ahead of his time. Great tune too. Enough said.