On-Trend | The Anorak
November 25, 2013

anorakThis season’s “it” garment is undoubtedly the light hoody for guys known as the “Anorak”. Its the perfect parka for layering up and cutting down the wind.

Anoraks are Traditionally known as a waterproof hoody pull-over jacket that cinches in warmth, but now surf designers are throwing in allover printed patterns, contrast hood liners, and all kinds of flair.

The original style emerged out of Eskimo culture in the arctic, protecting their cargo from elements in the front pouch. They even greased the outside with fish oil to create a waterproof seal. In the 1960’s english rockers made it mod, wearing anoraks over their slick outfit to protect from grease and dirt while on their motorcycles. The resurging mod style is particularly strong in Southern California where the surf companies are customizing this functional anorak.

Here’s a few favorites employee-picked anorak styles available on SWELL.
(Pictured Above: Katin Gorton Jacket) or Shop all Jackets

Dave’s (Men”s marketing) Pick: ┬áRoark Chi-Pa Jacket


Morgan (Men’s Buyer) Pick: Electric Rockaway Jacket


Billy: (Copywriter) Pick: Volcom Loreto Jacketanora_volcom

Clay’s (Marketing Manager) Pick: Quik Round Up Jacket