ALCOHOL: 731, YOU: 1
December 24, 2007
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Don’t be mislead by this post’s small imagery. We know (probably better than most) that hangovers are no small thing. And being that both Xmas and New Year’s happen to fall midweek this year, chances are you’ll be whimpering in your cube the next two Wednesdays hoping the office fatties haven’t mowed through the Hickory Farm baskets. But before you bight the plastic off that salami stick, take a look at They’ve got hundreds of proven remedies, homemade cures, and reader recommended strategies to kick the dog that bit you. Just select what you had to drink, pick a body part that hurts the most, and barfo! A recipe for your toxic nightmare is displayed. We hear they’re also working on a website that provides step-by-step instructions for ruining your roommate’s credit.