September 5, 2007


Art and commerce are two words we’re not used to seeing together. However, San Francisco’s emerging Park Life gallery is keen on bridging this gap as they’re “…bringing affordable art to the community… leaving behind the fine art setting.”

On a mission to show case the most engaging contemporary art being created today, while also featuring limited edition and unique items that includes books, modern design objects, gifts, prints, paper goods, tee shirts, homeware, a few toys, magazines, dvds, jewelry, Park Life houses a lifetime of inspiration for both novices and core supporters.

Started in late 2006 by Jamie Alexander and Derek Song, the turn-of-the-century commercial space formerly occupied the famous Busvan furniture store, but now boasts 1,200 sq.ft. of an expansive communal network.

Equally impressive is their dynamic online gallery and store which, as they say, really brings it to the masses. Our current picks are the Soviet Style graphic patterns that celebrate all things proletariat, and the Chris Ballentyne exhibit, All You Need is a Clear View of the Southern Sky.