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6 Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress While Traveling An On-the-Go Yoga Session with Resident Yoga Instructor, Jennifer Lowe

Summer is here, and it’s time for fun and adventure. Whether you’re jet setting across the globe or staying local, these simple postures will help keep you calm and comfortable throughout your entire journey. All of these postures are done from a seated position which gives you the freedom to do yoga literally anywhere; on a plane, train, car, and even at work after your trip.


The Benefits: Opens your hips and releases lower back pain
The Pose: Cross your ankle over your knee to create a triangle shape in between your legs. Allow your bent leg to soften towards the floor. To deepen the pose, rest your forearms on your shin, or reach your hands to the floor and fold all the way over. Relax your neck and face, take at least five deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.



The Benefits: Stimulates digestion and improves mobility of the spine
The Pose: Sit up straight, turn to your right. Press your left hand outside your right knee, and hold the back of the chair or wall behind you to turn your upper body towards the right. To deepen the pose, rest your left forearm across your thighs and look over your right shoulder. Take at least five deep breaths, with every inhale lengthen your spine, and with every exhale deepen your twist. Repeat on the other side.



The Benefits: Stretch hamstrings and lower back, and reduces stress
The Pose: Fold your upper body over your legs, and let your arms and head relax down towards the floor. To deepen the stretch, walk your feet farther in front of you, or interlace your fingers behind your back and lift your hands towards the ceiling. Take at least five breaths.



The Benefits: Energizes and improves flexibility of the spine
The Pose: Place your hands on your knees. Inhale, arch your back and look up. Exhale, round your spine and look down towards your navel. Continue for at least five rounds linking the breath to the movement.



The Benefits: Strengthens the immune system and stretches the shoulders and upper back
The Pose: Sit up tall, wrap your right elbow under you left, either wrap your forearms around to touch your palms together or hold on to opposite shoulders. On you inhale breath lift your elbows to the ceiling. With your exhale, lower your elbows down towards you belly. Move with your breath for at least five rounds. To deepen the pose, wrap your right leg over your left, and hook your toes behind your calf. Squeeze your inner thighs together and with your arms in eagle and your back flat, squeeze your elbows towards your navel. Repeat on the other side (left arm under, left leg over).



The Benefits: Reduces stress and tension from the neck and shoulders
The Pose: Sit up straight, keep shoulders level to the floor, and let your head drop to one shoulder. With you head tilted to one side, rock your chin forward and back. Hold at the tightest spot you find in your neck and take at least five deep breaths. To deepen the stretch, hold on the side of your chair and lean to the opposite side. Repeat on the other side.

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From a very young age Jennifer has been passionate about movement. She came from a very athletic background. She was a gymnast, swimmer, and spring board diver growing up. From these sports she gained body awareness, physical and mental strength and flexibility which made the transition onto the yoga mat seamless and natural. Jennifer has been practicing yoga since 2007. Jennifer connected not only with the physical aspect of the yoga practice, but also with the mental, energetic, and spiritual aspects as well. Jennifer has studied a wide variety of styles of yoga. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with CorePower Yoga in 2011, where she developed challenging and dynamic vinyasa flow classes. The following year she completed her 500 hour teacher training with the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. She studied with master teachers; Brian Dorfman, Leslie Kaminoff, Tim Miller, and Nischala Joy Devi. The new found knowledge from the 500 hour training inspired Jennifer to work one-on-one with individuals, especially with specific needs, incorporating a more gentle and therapeutic approach to help people heal themselves. She has combined elements of each style to create truly unique and mindful classes. Her classes are accessible and inspire growth to all levels.

To schedule a session with Jennifer or view her class schedule visit: www.jloweyoga.com

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