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Yoga for Surfers 5 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Surfing

Looking to up your game a bit? Resident yoga instructor, Jennifer Lowe shared with us a few yoga moves to help take your surfing to the next level. Bust out your performance boardshorts and follow along…yoga-down-dog
DOWN DOG (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

* SURF BENEFITS: It will help you hop up on your board with more ease.

* SIDE BENEFITS: Relieves stress, Energizes the body and mind, Strengthens arms and legs, Increases flexibility in shoulders and hamstrings, and calves.

* HOW-TO: Start on your hands and knees, tuck your toes under, and lift your hips up. Press down through your index finger and thumb as you melt your heart back towards your thighs. Flatten your back. Your legs and be bent if your hamstrings are very tight. Eventually, straighten your legs and reach your heals to the floor.

(Parivrtta Anjaneyasana)

* SURF BENEFITS: It will give you more balance and rotation in your spine.

* SIDE BENEFITS: Strengthens legs, core, and arms, Increases flexibility of spine and hip flexors, Improves balance, digestion and organ function.

* HOW-TO: Start standing, step your right foot forward, bend you right knee to stack above your ankle, lift you left heel off of the mat. All ten toes and your hips point straight forward. Bring your hands together at the center of your chest. Take an inhale breath and hinge your upper body forward 45 degrees, take an exhale breath and twist to your right. Hook your left elbow to the outside of your right knee. Firm up through your back leg and twist your chest towards the sky. Either look up towards the sky or down at your right big toe. You can modify the pose by bringing your back knee down to the floor. Hold for 5-10 breaths and then repeat on the left side.


FOUR-LIMBED STAFF POSE (Chaturanga Dandasana)

* SURF BENEFITS: It will make popping up effortless.

* SIDE BENEFITS: Strengthens arms, legs, and core

* HOW-TO: Start from high plank (the top of a push up). Shoulders stack on top of your wrists and find one straight line from the crown of your head to your heels. Engage your core and your legs, hinge your upper body forward to bring your shoulders over your finger tips. Bend your elbows straight back and lower down half way to bring your shoulders in line with your elbows. Squeeze your elbows in next to your ribs. To modify the pose, bring your knees down to the floor.


WARRIOR II (Virabhadrasana II)

* SURF BENEFITS: Leg strength and endurance for longer rides

* SIDE BENEFITS: Strengthens legs, core, and arms, Increases flexibility in hips and inner groin, Increases stamina.

* HOW-TO: Start standing, step your right foot straight forward, turn your left foot out 45 degrees. Bend your right knee to stack above your ankle. Squeeze your straight left leg and press down through the outside of your left foot. Lift your arms in line with your shoulders, and reach your right arm in the direction of your right leg and your left arm in the direction of you left leg. You can modify by bring your feet closer together or you can make it more difficult by stepping your feet further apart. Look over your right hand. Hold for 5-10 breaths and then repeat on the left side.
DANCER (Natarajasana)

* SURF BENEFITS: It will give you more mobility in your shoulders and strength in your back to help you paddle.

* SIDE BENEFITS: Improves balance, focus, and concentration, Strengthens feet, ankles, legs, and spine, Increases flexibility in chest, shoulders, spine, and thighs.

* HOW-TO: Start standing, reach your left arm up to the sky in line with your ear, and bring your right elbow to your waist. Balance on your left foot as you bend your right knee. Hold onto the inner arch of your right foot with your right hand. Be mindful, that your palm and the eye of your elbow face away from your body in order to open your should and chest. Once you have a hold of your foot, keep your chest lifted and begin to kick back into your hand. Lift up with your toes and back with your shin. The harder you kick the easier it will be to balance. To modify the pose, hold onto the pinky toe side of your foot. Hold for 5-10 breaths and then repeat on the left side.


Jennifer has been practicing yoga since 2007. She came from a very athletic background. She was a gymnast, swimmer, and spring board diver growing up. From these sports she gained body awareness, physical strength and flexibility which made the transition onto the yoga mat seamless and natural. Jennifer connected not only with the physical aspect of the yoga practice, but also with the mental, energetic, and spiritual aspects as well. Jennifer has studied a wide variety of styles of yoga; from her 200 hour teacher training with CorePower Yoga in Aliso Viejo, CA, to her 500 hour teacher training with the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas,CA, to master classes and workshops with teachers like Bryan Kest and Kathryn Budig. She has combined elements of each style to create truly unique and challenging vinyasa flow classes. Her classes are accessible and inspire growth to all levels.

To schedule a session with Jennifer or view her class schedule visit: www.jloweyoga.com

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