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Salute to Summer: The Watermelon Paloma

Send off summer with a cocktail that combines two of our favorite things: watermelon and sea salt (oh yeah, and tequila). Don’t be fooled by the unicorn tear-pink hue, this cocktail isn’t for lightweights or sugar saturated drink-lovers. It packs a well disguised, perfectly balanced punch…that can, coincidentally, be served punch-style in the melon from whence it came. And because it contains zero added sugar, it’s a recipe that cocktail aficionados, beach bod conscious imbibers and casual Sunday sippers can enjoy equally.
Cheers to another perfect summer, watermelon in hand. Read on for the recipe…
(Pictured: Angie Clutch)

* Whole Watermelon
* Limes
* Tequila (Step it up: Sub a smoky mescal for tequila, or add a float of mescal to top it off)
* Sea Salt (sub smoked salt if using mescal)

* Cut your melon (see note below on serving before you start slicing)
* Process your melon meat in a blender or juicer
* Combine watermelon juice, limes and tequila in the following proportions:
1 part tequila or mescal
2 parts watermelon
1/2 part lime juice

* To Serve:
– For a crowd: Cut the top off of your watermelon (saving a slice with melon flesh in it for garnish) and scoop out the insides. Cut a slice off of the bottom to create a flat surface,  being careful not to cut all the way through the melon. Pour the above ingredients into your melon bowl and serve with a ladle into salted rocks glasses with ice.
– For a solo mission: cut your watermelon as usual. Shake the above ingredients with ice and pour into a salted-rimmed glass with ice. Garnish with a melon wedge if you’re feeling festive.

(Pictured: Angie Clutch)

/Sa’lute/: Italian meaning “cheers!” or “Enjoy excellent health.” Cheers to Saturday with Salute: a balanced dose of healthy recipes and weekend-worthy drinks.
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