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Day in the Life | Wade Goodall Our Favorite Aussie Aerialist Couchsurfs Through Newport


Wade got a call from Dane Reynolds and Nathan Fletcher that a certain mainland Mex slab had a manageable swell coming.  So he hopped a flight from Oz to Orange County only to find out the swell was too steep, so he manned the SWELL couch for a few days hoping to score the Newport Jetties before the next swell hits Mex. Spoiler Alert: Beer-Consumed > Waves Ridden  


8am -Metal Show Hangover from last night’s concert at the Volcom HQ Skatepark.
8:15am -Wade wakes up to the groovy folk tunes of his sister’s band The Salvadoreans outta Sydney.
8:30am -The springtime cheese breeze called for a 2mm fullsuit.

Metal Jimmy took time away from running West Newport to sign a copy of his signature film. It’s now the pride of the house.


9am: Surf Report: Small and Shitty


 9:15 -Geared Up with his Merrick Thruster, Captain Fin, Zinc


Wade doesn’t always wear shoes, but when he does he wears vans.
Fact: Wade waxes the top or his feet for stomping those freaky spins

930am -The hair doesn’t lie, more onshore and shittier.
Wade get crafty in finding some ramps.


12:15pm -The boys head to Bearflag Fish Co. Before ordering, they try their luck with the lobster claw game that claims “You Catch em, We Cook em” No Dice


Newport’s Finest 2 Tacos and a coldie.

wade2Ready for Mex: Thanks for hanging out Wade. Good luck in Mainland


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