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Road Trip: Big Bear, CA

Did someone say road trip? Inspired by the Holiday catalog (view the digital edition here) to take a post-Summer, pre-snow season trip to Big Bear? Then hit the road with a few tips on where to stay and play when you get there from SWELL employee, Kristin…

There are tons of lodging opportunities in Big Bear, but we chose to rent a 7 bedroom cabin that earned its name, “The Mansion”, throughout our stay. If you are looking for a cabin, check out Coolcabins.com. They offer clean linens; kitchenware and most cabins even come equipped with a spa and pool table. If that isn’t your scene there are also a few motel-like places that are closer to the downtown area. Go soon to take advantage of the pre-snow season rates!

Luckily, our cabin was only 5 minutes from the Village where there is several nighttime activities. I’m a fan of dive bars…add karaoke and I will be there in a heartbeat. That being said, we went to Murray’s Saloon and Eatery– a packed Karaoke bar with locals and tourists alike. The crowd was extremely friendly, the drinks were cheap, and everyone thought they had a voice like Mariah Carey.

HIKING: After eating too much mozzarella sticks at the bar the night before, my friends and I decided on a moderate hike in the morning. Castle Rock Trail is a short (1.5 miles) but intense hike. If you were planning on working on your legs that day, this is the hike for you! It is pet friendly although if you have a little dog you may end up doing a lot of carrying while you attempt to find your footing on the larger rocks. Once you reach the top of the hike the beautiful lake views are totally worth it. Prime photo op!

SWIMMING at Boulder Bay: There are picnic tables under a gazebo near the end of the pathway. You can also hop the small fence and lay out on the beach. If you choose to swim across to the boulder, just make sure you are a strong swimmer…it can get pretty windy in the bay. It is pretty shallow by the boulder, so I definitely would not recommend jumping off!

STROLLING: Easy walk around the lake: There are several trails around the lake that aren’t too strenuous. Try a morning jog on the Alpine Pedal Path that totals 2.5 miles.

LAKE-ING at Captain John’s Marina: They rent pontoons, SUP’s, Kayaks, and Canoes. There were three of us so we decided on a canoe. It only cost $20 for an hour, and the hour doesn’t start until they put you in the water. Get there early or make reservations because they sell out quick in the summertime!

Don’t forget to bring…
A warm jacket, just in case. Pictured: Volcom Military Jacket

Boots with tread, for wandering, dive-bar-ing and the like. Pictured: Bronx Combat Boot

A wide brim hat for sunny days. Pictured: Feather Trim Hat

Need some road trip inspo? Check out scenes from the SWELL trip in the October Catalog.

Happy Trails!
– Kristin

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