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Spear Fishing with Sharks in Tahiti SWELL Lensmen Talks About Avoiding Sharks While Spearfishing in Tahiti


Spear Fishing in Tahiti is beyond just a hobby, it is second only to our love for surfing! It goes hand in hand with the Tahitian lifestyle. If we take a boat out for a good day of surf, there is inevitably a spear gun or two aboard in case someone takes a break and wants to catch the post surf meal, unless you catch gets stolen by sharks known for stalking us.


On the flat days it is a great way to pass the day. Not only does it keep you fit, but helps with the breath holds. Once you have tried it and know how addicting it can be there is now going back. With a good gun, fins, mask and snorkel as tools, you can easily go out feed your family and friends.

KV4C0505The only hiccup is where there are fish there are reef sharks and they love to hang around and wait for you to spear a fish. As soon as they hear the gun go off or the fish struggling on the spear they come looking for what they can nab..

KV4C0590Disclaimer hahaha it is a dangerous sport/ pass-time so safety first!!! Learn your environment and proper use of the gun before attempting to go out. KV4C0580

Usually it is just small black tips, that are pretty shy and but when food is on the line they will definitely not shy away from stealing the fish of your spear. but even if they do it all part of the experience. Sharks are beautiful creatures and lucky we have them to balance the food chain. KV4C9245

best to get a good kill shot so the fish does not wiggle and let more blood out and attract more sharks. KV4C0622 O'iri_FishGroup_Catch

The favorite for Tahitians to catch and eat are Trevally = Paihere in Tahitian (guy on left)Catch

 They are so tasty and great cooked on the BBQ. Another favorite is the Parrot fish = Uhu or the Baliste fish = O’iri. all great eating and are a pretty easy find in and around Tahiti and her islands.

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