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Dorian Inducted | Surfers Hall Of Fame


Amid the hoopla in Huntington during the US Open of Surfing last week, the boardwalk became a better place with the induction of 3 legends into the Surfers Hall of Fame. Shane Dorian, Skip Frye and Rick ‘Rockin Fig’ Fignetti got their feet wet (in cement) on the famed sidewalk of Surf City USA for their indelible achievements in advancing the sport of surfing.


The three icons represent surfers who pioneered different areas of surfing. (L to R) Rockin Fig competed on the first NSSA National Championships and has been the voice of HB surf competitions for the past 20 years, Dorian led the new school aerial movement in the 90’s and is hailed as the best big wave surfer in the world,  while Skip invented the Egg shape and claimed several national titles since the 60s.


SWELL’s man on the ground Nate Harrington captured all the photos of the ceremony, observing the inductees and crowd brimming on tears for soo much stoke in the air. Glasses on!




After all the dust settled from the clowns who trashed main street, forever will these 3 legends own the sidewalks of Surf City.


ceremony-panoShane isn’t just a an Icon of Aloha, he’s an ambassador of Billabong’s Free Surf Team. You can get the styles he wore at the ceremony and more at SWELL.bbg-dorian



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