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SWELL Surf Circuit Training 5 Exercises That Target & Strengthen Specific Surfing Manuvers

Whether you’re looking to stay in surf shape during a flat spell or aiming to push your progressive style like the dudes on the world tour, some simple routines can make you more explosive and steady in the water. Here’s our version of surf circuit training, which means you should do one routine after another and repeat. Be safe, and surf stronger!

Workout Routine: Box-Jump w/ Twist

Surf Maneuver: Snap, Aerial, tail drift, floater

Tip: Try to land as softly as possible. Think style!


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Workout Routine: Burpee with Bosu Ball Press

Surf Maneuver: Pop-Up, Air-Drop

Tip: Keep your back straight. Butt in the air= poop stance!

Workout Routine: Dumbbell Pushups with Rowing Action

Surf Maneuver: Paddling, Duck diving

Tip: Yank the dumbells like its those last desperate strokes to catch a set wave

Workout Routine: Crunch Twists

Surf Maneuver: Core Balance, Turns

Tip: Try for single fluid motions. The strong obliques help link turns with style

Workout Routine: Bosu Ball Squats

Surf Maneuver: Bottom Turns, Balance

Tip: Don’t let your knees extend past your toes. And dont worry, your knees eventually stop shaking

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