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SeaMade | Get Wet A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

You know those days where you have a lot on your plate but all you desire is getting in the water for a surf? But low and behold you show up and it’s flat and blown to smithereens. Suddenly your mind flashes back to your to-do list and excuses start flowing.  You just have to go for it though.

There has hardly been a time when I went surfing in less than ideal conditions and felt worse than before I went. No matter how tired you are or how many excuses you have, just getting in the water will recharge you and make you happy you went after all. Regardless of conditions, the ocean has a way of supporting us, so do what you gotta do, but don’t forget to get wet somewhere along the way.

HOW TO GET MOTIVATED ON LESS THAN IDEAL SURF DAYS: madison-olson-cliffs-chris-grant-jettygirl-1245

* Go with a friend.
Making plans with a friend will hold you accountable to go. No one likes a flake. With good company, convos and laughs are that much better during long lulls or cold sessions.

* Fuel up. Have a snack en route to the beach and hydrate. That way you won’t feel low on energy.

* Be positive. Don’t beat yourself up over your surfing performance on the less than ideal days. What makes surfing such a challenging activity is that the conditions are dynamic and we don’t have an even playing field to practice on. Just be thankful you’re in the water instead of sitting in traffic.


* Stay warm. Have some good layers on before you hit the beach and have a dry wetsuit ready to slide into. Keeping a jug of hot water in your car for after the session is like heaven on earth when you’re feeling like an icicle.

* See for yourself. While Surfline is awesome,  sometimes it’s best to just get your butt down to the beach and check the waves yourself. Conditions change on a minute by minute basis, so the 6am report that said poor-fair may be completely irrelevant by 10:30am. Also, relying on your friends for a report isn’t always the best because they may be having a bad day and giving you a report from an eggy mindset.

* Board options. If you have a quiver, bring a couple boards to the beach.

* Own it. Tell yourself that this is your time, nothing else matters, you’re going surfing, so F all y’all who try to tell you it’s not worth paddling out.

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