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SeaMade: Surf Cross Training | Core A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

The core is essential to the strength of the entire body, so why is it that working my abs seems like the most torturous thing to do, ever?! For me, my abs aren’t exactly visible, thanks to my love of craft beer and chocolate, but hey- I know that I am strong from the inside out. When I work my core, it inspires me to keep the workout going and go running or surf or something, which will only lead to more unveiling of that secret six-pack. Ready ditch the keg and bring on the six-pack? Here is a quick workout that is sure to make your stomach feel like you just pounded a cup of Fire Ball.
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* Note: For all workouts your belly button should be pulled into your spine (rather than letting your abs pop out like a loaf of bread) in order to focus on core muscles. For each exercise, there are Level 1 and Level 2 options. Work within your limits and work up to the more advanced pose after you’ve mastered the foundation.

* Start laying on your back (supine), then lift your feet into either a 90 degree bend (level 1), or into a diagonal from the body. The lower the legs are, the more challenging.
* Nod your chin to your chest, and lift your head and shoulders off the ground (if you have neck issues, you can leave the head and chest down)
* For one minute, pump your arms up and down while keeping legs & body still.

* Start supine, then lift your legs and upper body off of the ground, coming into a high V shape.
* Legs can be either bent (level 1), or straight (level 2).
* Hold for 30 seconds to one minute.
* Super advanced: lower into a low V, then lift back up to high V.

* Lay flat on your back and bring legs perpendicular to body.
* Level 1 – keep legs bent, Level 2 – keep legs straight.
* Lower legs straight down towards the ground, as far as possible while keeping your lower back connected to the ground, then lift up.
* Lower legs to right, lift up back to center.
* Lower legs to left, lift up back to center.
* Repeat the center-right-left 10 times, for a total of 30 lifts.

* Come into plank position and make sure wrists are lined up with shoulders, and the body is in one, straight line. Level 1 – start with your knees down and work up to a full plank.
* Hold for one minute.

* Come into a side plank with your hips lifted, shoulders lined up with wrists, and belly pulling in. Your body will be in one straight line.
* Start with feet stacked (level 1), then work up to lifting the top leg (level 2).
* Hold for 30 seconds to one minute on each side.
* Modification – if this bothers your wrists, lower down onto your forearm.


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