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CA Über Alles: SUPERbrand | San Diego The First Stop On SWELL's Tour of Top Core CA Surf Companies


SUPERbrand Marketing Director Paul Brewer gives us a tour of their state of the art board factory and next-level showroom. Above: Shaper Jason Koons and Rider Clay Marzo talk progression. 

Who are the masterminds behind the progressive shapes you’re pumping outta this state-of-the-art shaping bay?

SUPER: We call it the Shaper’s Collective. It’s a group of shapers who design and share ideas to create a better shortboard.

Regionally specialized shapers in nearly every region of the world provide the SUPERbrand team and customers a wide variety of shortboards. It all comes from a desire to share knowledge and ideas for the greater good of our team and customers. Shapers all over the world collaborate with SUPERbrand team riders and customers, offering the variety and regional expertise that’s so important to surfboard riding. In other words, shapers with rich and extensive board-building backgrounds create boards in your area and know the waves and conditions you surf. The Shaper’s Collective comes together and rallies around a common goal.


Is it true SUPERbrand is the only full shaping factory in Carlsbad?

SUPER: There are lots of really great shapers in the North County San Diego area, but we’re really proud of our new factory in Carlsbad. We built it from the ground up, meaning it’s really efficient, clean, and maintains the highest standards to protect the environment. We also do everything in-house, from shaping to glassing, meaning we have ultimate quality control over the boards we sell.


 Whose art and photography is canvassed all over the boards?

SUPER: We like to work with lots of people, meaning the look of the brand is constantly evolving and changing. This year our team was very involved, including Dion Agius (above) who chose to use some of his photography on his pro models.


How many boards are leaving the building here every year?

Super: Lots. We also have factories on the Gold Coast of Australia, near Lisbon in Portugal, and in Brazil. Combined, we are making about 6000 boards per year.


What’s the hottest board on the rack this season?

Super: The Fling is really hot right now… it’s the best summer board. Dion Agius’ Siamese Palm Viper pro model is the new go-to performance board. Then there’s the UNIT, which will be a fast and agile small wave weapon.


Does that get the EPA on your shit? Or are you “SUPER” eco-friendly?

SUPER:  We sort of regulate ourselves. We were the first licensed factory ever in the city of Carlsbad, which meant the city watched us very carefully at the start to make sure we were running a tight ship environmentally speaking.

We properly collect all waste, and even clean the air in our glassing area. For boards, we also work with Sustainable to make cleaner, better surfboards and improve our environmental performance. Check’em out:



Sorry for the pun. How many horrible “Super” puns do you hear per week?

SUPER: Lots! But I think we make most of them up ourselves. The SUPERbrand name was meant to be a little silly and fun. And besides, if we can’t make fun of ourselves, we’re blowing it.





SUPERbrand CEO Marcelo Bengoechea is a LEGEND!



Dion’s Latest Edgy Board Graphic

How can we score a date with Dion? 

SUPER: He’s a pretty nice, fun-loving guy. I’m pretty sure if you ask nicely, he’ll say yes.



Everything SUPER always draws from board design.
Above: Toy Surfboard and  Havoc Trunks
Below: Unit Surfboard and Break Trunks




Paul gives a sneak peek at the insane SUPERbrand apparel line coming outta their radical design showroom.



All smiles, SUPERbrand’s inhouse apparel design team



Best burrito in Carlsbad?

SUPER: Everyone’s got an opinion, right? For us, the best is easily Lola’s 7 Up.

Thanks for the tour, boys (and the coldies).

Check out the whole line of SUPERbrand boards and clothing

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