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A Slice of Life | New Guest Blog Series from Stephanie Schechter

Meet SWELL’s newest guest blogger…Stephanie Schechter! You might know her as the “Watermelon Girl” if you’re social media savvy, but there’s more to this San Diego-raised water baby than her fruit-themed Insta-personality.
So why do we thing she’s so…SWELL?
* She’s a true beach baby. She began competing and picking up sponsors while most of us were still picking up Lego pieces.
* The girl has style, by sea and by land!
* She had us at “Watermelon.”

Look forward to travels, cross-steps, and, of course, all things watermelon, with Stephanie on her new SWELL Series, Slice of Life….

(Pictured: Tori Praver Bikini | Element Hat | Pura Vida Bracelets)
The Watermelon: From Seed to Sea
The board was a collaboration between shaper Kevin Connelly and myself:
I wanted the perfect noserider, with original design. Somehow, I dreamed up the concept of making my board look like a giant slice of my favorite summer fruit. Thus, The Watermelon Surfboard was born! Upon introduction to the World Wide Web, the board was instantly a hit. Now, on Instagram, every time a friend, follower, or fan sees something watermelon related, they tag me in the comments! Whenever I see a Watermelon themed accessory or item of clothing, I must have it! Now that I am away at college, my parents send me little watermelon inspired care packages! The Watermelon collection has expanded, and I now have watermelon surfboards, skateboards, clothes, shoes, and even bikinis! People call me, “Watermelon Girl” or simply “Watermelon!”

The Watermelon Surfboard and I spend most of our days exploring all that the wonderful campus of UC Santa Barbara has to offer! While the majority of my time is spent hitting the books, its also pretty easy to hit the surf – my dorm is across the street from a world class right point break! When school is not in session, I roam Pacific Coast Highway in North County San Diego, finding waves, fun, and a smoothie or two! I also tend to make my way north, meandering up and down California’s gorgeous coastline. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to travel around the world, finding undiscovered surf spots, sliding to my heart’s content! I can’t wait to take you with me on the adventures of The Watermelon Surfboard, A Slice of Life on the SWELL Blog!


Age: 18
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current Stomping Grounds: UC Santa Barbara
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Check back soon for more Slice of Life posts from Stephanie!


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