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Slice of Life | Beach Hair Care

Beach Hair
How to get the perfect beach waves hair:

1. go to the beach
2. dip your head in the ocean.
3. make sure to whip it and flip it around!
4. repeat steps 1-3 daily.

But seriously – I often get the question, “Your hair is so long – how do you keep it healthy?”

Beach Hair
Being a surfer and maintaining a long mane can be a challenge. In order to keep my lengthy locks healthy, the most important thing I do is condition, condition, condition. I use my regular shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in conditioner/ detangler, and a special conditioning serum. Every 6 months or so, I go to a salon for a deep conditioning treatment. Other than that, I make sure to stay away from damaging products or processes such as flat irons, synthetic holding sprays, and hair dye. I hesitate to recommend any specific hair care brands, because I know that all different hair types require different types of attention, but usually conditioners with argan oil are a safe bet for anyone.

That being said, I only wash my hair every few days, even after I’ve been in the ocean. If I find my hair truly knotted after a surf session, I will rinse with clean water, and try to brush through with some leave-in.

Pictured: Maaji Bikini

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