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A Slice of Life | De-stress Guest Series by Stephanie Schechter

This may surprise you – but this beach is not on a tropical island. It is however, within the subtropical zone… geographically speaking. And no, that’s not a Harlequin romance novel; it’s a Theories of Communication textbook. Clearly, I’ve been spending a lot of time nerding out lately. You see, the beach pictured here is actually my backyard at the extremely beautiful, yet extremely academically rigorous University of California, Santa Barbara. We just finished a grueling week of finals, and now I am back at home in San Diego for the summer. While this photo looks like – and quite literally is – a day at the beach, it is also a day in which I had several hours of class, and probably like, a million hours of studying. Luckily, while UCSB is on a super fast paced quarter system, we also are located right on the beach, so we have some pretty great opportunities to de-stress.

I try to stay refreshed by at least getting my toes in the ocean once a day – and of course that usually leads to full on surfing, swimming, or paddling, because that’s way more fun. It is scientifically proven that just being near the ocean and salty air can improve your physical health, and of course exercising anywhere is always good. But, did you know that the salty air and sunshine, as well as sea water all release endorphins? Endorphins, in short, are your hormones that when released, make you happy! I find it easy to remember that, because I just imagine a bunch of happy dolphins swimming around. Endorphins, en-dolphins, the beach, you get the idea. As if you needed another great reason to hit the beach – get out there, have fun, and de-stress!

Pictured: Element Hat | Sun Bum | Tori Praver Bikini

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