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A Slice Of Life | Flat Day Fun Guest Series by Stephanie Schechter

Ah, springtime in coastal Southern California. The sun is shining, the birds are singing… and the waves are FLAT. With the exception of the one or two rare days we are presented with some late Santa Ana winds and some early south swells, spring is certainly not the season for surf here in the golden state. Unfortunately, for us surf junkies, that means we have to get our exercise in other ways! Luckily, we live in a pretty rad place, so this doesn’t mean our only option for our daily workouts require a gym membership.
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Of course, even without waves, the ocean is a playground. Just paddling out and enjoying the fresh air can be a great workout, and its really fun! Because I go to school at UC Santa Barbara, it’s flat several days out of the year. But, my dorm overlooks the ocean, so I have no excuse to not hit the water every day, and still leave time for my studies. On nice calm days, you can often see fish, dolphins, seals, and sea lions, which is an extra special treat that only adds to the joy of being in the gorgeous Pacific. Even if you only have 30 minutes to spare, grab a board and have some fun! Who knows – you might even find some rideable ripples! Of course, if you are ever going to or from school or work and have a moment to spare, but don’t have a board with you, keep a pair of swim fins in your car, and you can get a quick dunk, just to refresh yourself!  When you live somewhere so beautiful, it’s always worth it to get wet, get out there, and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

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