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SeaMade: Surf Cross-Training | Stairs Workout

How’d you do this holiday season? Did you practice Goldfish Kisses’s holiday work out plan ? Well whatever you did or didn’t consume/do, there’s never a better time for a swift kick in the butt than the beginning of the year. Whether you’re trying to trim down or tone up, stair workouts will give you long lean muscles and torch fat pockets.

I do this workout on a set of beach stairs with about 50 steps. If your local steps are shorter then just add more reps. Walk or slow jog in between each set on your way down to get a breather…

(Pictured: Hurley Activewear Pant)

1. Warm up jog for 5 minutes
2. Sprint up the stairs – walk or jog down
3. Skip one step (run up 2 stairs in one step) – walk or jog down
4. One leg hops: hop up stairs on left foot for 10 steps then right for 10 and back a forth until you get to the top – walk or jog down
5. Side step up facing to the left for half the stairs, then face to the right for second half –  walk or jog down
6. Sprint up stairs – walk or jog down
7. Repeat entire set
8. Cool down jog for 5 minutes
*Add a plank in between sets if you get really breathless at any time. It will work your core while giving you a chance to catch your breath.

This workout is also great cross-training for surfing and running thanks to its endurance boosting quality. You may even want to kick off 2014 with a 30-day running challenge. Refuel with a frosty nutrient packed smoothie and you’ll be powering through 2014 in your strongest form.

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