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SeaMade: Stepping Up Your Surfing Game. A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

Surfing can be one of the most fun, but complicated activities you can choose to get involved with. There are a lot of elements that go into surfing- waves, style, boards, gear, crowds, traveling, etc. The way you go about it and how you handle the adventure of surfing can make or break your surfing experiences. Read on for some tips to get you up and riding smoothly…
(Pictured: Billabong Surf Capsule Wetsuit)
-Paddle. The stronger your arms and core are, the more waves you’ll catch. Getting waves is key to becoming a better surfer. Paddling past the breakers on a flat day will also help you feel more comfortable out in deep water.

-Invest in a good board (or few) for your surfing level. A lot of shops do demos so you can try different boards out and the helpful staff can guide you in the right direction. If you’re an intermediate-plus surfer, it’s always good to get into contact with a local shaper who can fine tune your board needs for your surf style and wave destinations.

-Even if you have a magic board that rocks your surfing world, ride different boards to get a different feel of waves and to become a more well-rounded surfer. Shorties, fishes, logs, stub tails- ride ’em all!

-Hunt down a wetsuit and bikini that fit like a glove (like this Billabong Surf Capsule Wetsuit). Trust me- not having water flood your wetty will allow you to stay out and enjoy being in cold water way more. Losing your top and/or bottoms can be one of the most humiliating situations, unless your surfing Blacks. Then you’ll probably get way more waves from the native nudists.

-It can be really serene and meditative to have a solo sesh, but surfing with friends always steps up the motivation and fun factors.

-Have a friend film/take photos of you. That cut back wrap around to floater you thought you pulled? Nuh-uh. More like a fade to whitewash speed wobbles. The feedback you get from seeing yourself surf is priceless and will help you stick moves super fast. Check out a few top picks for waterproof iPhone cases and water cameras.

-Be positive. Try not to get frustrated, even when the waves are not all that great and there are agro surf addicts freaking out around you. Be thankful that you’re amongst the force of the ocean and not doing some tedious work or errands.

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