SeaMade: 30 Day Run Challenge A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison
September 14, 2013

I love a good challenge. Proving something to myself and overcoming an obstacle I didn’t think I could makes me feel like Kelly Slater the day he won his 11th world title. So what has my latest challenge been? Running. Let me introduce you to the SeaMade 30 Day Running Challenge. There is not much explanation necessary- just run for 30 days straight.

Don’t think you can do it? Whether your excuse is “I’m too busy” or “I don’t like to run”, read on for reasons why you CAN do it…

Pictured: Bralette by Baked x Stone Fox Swim / Rip Curl Girls Boardshorts
THE CHALLENGE: Run. Every day, for 30 days straight, make the commitment to run. If you’re particularly energized one day, run your heart out. If you’re busy/tired/not feeling it, run for 10 minutes. Everyone can make 10 minutes to focus on their health, no matter how busy. No excuses.

THE BENEFITS: If you’re one of those people cursing me for even suggesting the pursuit, let me tell you a bit about why this challenge can make you stoked on running…

– Physical Benefits: The results are incredible. Running is a great way to maintain a lean and mean bod. If you’re anything like me and have the metabolism of a granny, running can help you out. Running speeds up your heart rate and kick starts your metabolism. Even if you only have time for a 20 minute run, your body will burn more calories throughout the day thanks to your lap around the hood. Plus, everyone loves toned legs.

– Mental Benefits: It is psychologically empowering to know that you convinced yourself to run for miles on end for 30 days straight. Putting the time and effort into running everyday means that I make better decisions in other aspects of my life. During the challenge I made sure I got more sleep, didn’t drink as much booze, and didn’t stay out late partying because I knew I would have to get up and run the next day. My mental clarity was at its finest during this challenge.

THE TIPS: Convinced yet? Here are some tips to help you complete the SeaMade 30 Day Running Challenge:
– If you are new to running, start off slow and steady so you don’t injure or burn yourself out in the beginning.
– Have a running buddy, or a few!
– Listen to music. A rocking playlist always gets me psyched.
– If you aren’t feeling up to running on a particular day, at least get out for a mile. It only takes a few minutes out of 1,140 minutes in the day. You’ll probably go further once you get dressed and into the groove anyways.
– No weather excuses. A mile in the rain isn’t so bad. Or, ever heard of a treadmill?
– Use a tracking tool like or NikeID. Clocking up the hours and miles really gives a strong feeling of accomplishment. You will be so surprised by how many miles you cover in 30 days!
– Switch up your runs- go for distance, speed, hills, stairs, beach, road, trails. You get the point.

On your mark, get set, GO!


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