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SeaMade: On the Road Packing Essentials for a Surf Road Trip.

Feeling antsy? There’s nothing quite like hitting the road with an uncharted destination. Knowing that there will be waves along the way and adventures to be had, but not knowing the precise destinations is all part of the fun on a road trip. I recommend having a general idea of where to go based on swells. Map out a flexible route that allows time for exploring and kicking back at camp- whether that’s at a campground of a lodge of some sort. Wherever you go, remember: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” – J. Kerouac

So get out there and do it in comfort…(read on for the list of packing essentials)
Pictured: Billabong Beach Pants | Lovely Bird Hat


  • A variety of boards for different wave sizes and types
  • A variety of wetsuits for different water temperatures. Plus, it’s always nice to have a dry suit for a second session later in the day.
  • All sorts of clothes for layering. I like to bring a lot of comfy, outdoorsy type clothes, and one or two “going out” outfits.
  • A bucket for wet stuff likes towels and wetsuits
  • Tent (if you’re not sleeping in a truck/van or lodging.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Water jugs
  • Food and a cooler- the ones that plus into your car and run more like a mini-fridge are nifty. Then you don’t have to worry about soggy food and replenishing ice.
  • Tools: axe, headlamp, fire starter, a multitool, knife, rope, etc.
  • Chairs
  • Fun stuff: cards, books, magazines, booze, board games, Cards Against Humanity
  • Camera


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