SeaMade: Doin’ Work in 2014 A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison
January 11, 2014
billy watts_sand step645

billy watts_sand step645
What does it take to make a new year the best year yet? For me it includes more adventures, new & improved relationships, ultimate health, and success that breaks records of the triumphs from years before. That all sounds fine and dandy but if you’re like me wondering how it’s all going to get done, remember that big leaps start with small steps. Number one resolution rule: Set attainable and sustainable goals. Here’s what we have to do to achieve our most important, yet challenging goals to make 2014 the best year yet.
(Photo: Billy Watts)

 For more adventure…
* Travel
* Surf
* Hike
* Camp Out

For more new & improved relationships…
Talk it out
* Travel with friends and solo
* Mind your own beeswax.
* Be supportive of one’s self and others
* Connect in person or at least by voice. Letters on a screen won’t cut it.
* Acknowledge accomplishments
* Genuinely compliment

For better health…
* Work out
* Detoxify
* Eat well
* Run.
* Yoga.
* More water, less booze

For more success…
* Reward accomplishments
* Don’t be afraid to fail
* Try things outside the box
* Give credit where credit is due (even to yourself)
* Be genuine
* Be classy
* Ask for advice and help, and always give it

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