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SeaMade | International Surfing Day: 7 Reasons To Go Surf A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

Tallow Bikini

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to get in the water to surf already, today is International Surfing Day.

Here are my top reasons you should get out and surf on any given day, not just ISD…

1. Surfing is really freaking fun.
Enough said. But I’ll give you a few more reasons…
2. Get it it tight, get it right. Surfing is not only a killer full body work out, but the maneuvers are super impressive once you get strong and skilled enough to pull them.
3. Stoke factor. I dare you to try not to smile after a good crack off the top, nose ride, or barrel.
4. Social hour. There’s no better way to meet up with friends, or meet new ones at that, than to surf a lot. Just don’t crowd people you don’t know. Some people want their space just to chill out, which leads us to…
5. Ultimate relaxation time. I can’t think of anything much more relaxing than floating on the surface of the ocean and getting lost in thought while staring off towards the horizon.
6. Got sun? Beyond the skin bronzing affects of the sunshine, vitamin D is proven to help absorption of nutrients and balance out hormones.
7. Go explore. Tracking down fun waves or surfing a new spot gives off an awesome adventure high.
If the pure stoke of surfing isn’t motivation enough, head on over to this post to get psyched to get wet. See you in the water SWELL babes!

Featured Bikini:
Tallow Bikini

Find ISD events near you HERE | Support Your Oceans: Click HERE for special ISD Surfrider Membership Packages

Photos: Chris Grant

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