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SeaMade: Dog Beach Work Out

Working out with a friend can keep you motivated and hold you accountable on your path to reaching your fitness goals. But what do you do when you can’t find a consistent work out buddy? Find a dog. Doesn’t even have to be your dog. You can borrow aforementioned noncommittal workout buddy’s dog and take them for a workout.

The right breeds of dogs (for instance a beautiful golden retriever named Marilyn) can be the best workout companions, especially since exercise is a necessity in their lives. So find a furry friend, preferably one that likes fetching, and head to your nearest beach or park to do some cross-training. Read on for the Dog Beach Workout…

(Pictured: Element Tank | Tallow Bikini)

– First, warm up with a 5-10 minute jog
– Now find a good spot to post up. Every time you throw the ball for the dog to fetch, you do as many as you can of the following, in order, not stopping until your dog brings the ball back:

* Crunches or your favorite type of ab workout
* Burpees

* Squats
* Push ups
* Leg lifts (on hands and knees to target the glutes and core)

– Repeat the whole set three or more times. Cool down with none other than the perfect downward dog and other yoga stretches, and hopefully a jump in the ocean.

Keep in mind, that the further the dog goes, the better your work out will be. Making the dog swim really gets the burn going. Have fun!

(Pictured: Element Tank | Tallow Bikini)

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