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SeaMade: Surf Cross-Training Circuit Workout

Wednesday was a tragic day for summery California beach fanatics like myself. Rain, wind, and lightning (oh my!) marked the first day of fall in my books. The surf was blown to shreds, and sorry, I’m not pushing the level of surfing that makes me like onshores in order to boost high and mighty. So although a day of curling up on the couch in my favorite loungewear with a steamy hot mug of cocoa sounded so nice, I decided to pound some coffee and get my butt in action. After all, it’s supposed to be a toasty 75 with combo swell for the next week…always gotta be prepared. Read on for the workout…
(Pictured above: SWELL Wolf Tank / Hurley Crop Workout Pant)

Surf Cross-Training Circuit Workout:
1. Jump rope for 1 minute.
2. 20 squats. Can add hold a weight for extra arm toning.

3. 20 lunges per leg.

4. 10-15 push-ups.

5. 15 tricep dips.

**Repeat twice more for a total of 3 times around the whole circuit.**

This workout targets the upper body for paddle power and the lower body for turning power. Plus, the added cardio will boost your metabolism (helps keep the core warm), train your body to use oxygen more efficiently, and it’ll keep that cold weather blubber layer in check.

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(Pictured above: SWELL Wolf Tank / Hurley Crop Workout Pant)

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