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SeaMade: Get Up, Get Out A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

The other morning I woke up at the witching hour of 3:15am. Even my usual playlist of Ludovico Einaudi couldn’t lure me back into dreamland. So by four I was up and brewing a mean grind of french pressed coffee and contemplating what to do next.

Being that it will still pitch black out, I got into some creative projects, like making collaged cards for friends & family. The last thing you want to do when you wake up early is get sucked into the interwebs of your computer. Next thing you know it’s 10am and all you’ve done is lay around, Pinteresting, tumblring, and online shopping…not that those aren’t fun but you can’t go wrong by starting your day with some movement.

So as my mug was drained and my caffeine buzz settled in, I hit the road to check out Encinitas by dawn.
– Dawn is practically the definition of serenity.
– No lines. No traffic. No rush. No worries.
– Watching the sun rise is incredibly refreshing.
– You’ll have more hours in the day to get stuff done.
– There is something exciting and mysterious about being one of the only ones out and about in town.
– You’ll have plenty of time to get ready for whatever it is you have planned for the day.
– You can do your favorite activities before work or doing all those other monotonous adult protocols.
– Productivity levels fly through the roof when you wake up early. Doing something active is key to this though, otherwise you’ll be bored and stiff from being stationary all day.
– There is hardly anyone out and about, and the ones who are out are pretty dang interesting.
– By nighttime, you’ll feel throughly tired and will probably sleep super well.


Sleepy Encinitas. One of my favorite views at all hours of the day.

super moon

That little speck is the remainder of the super moon. It only peeked out for about a minute… I felt an urge to look up and just happened to see it before it hid away behind the clouds again.

Encinitas Dawn

It’s flat in Encinitas, which means it’s time to chase the south swell to Trestles.

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