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SeaMade: Bikini Review | Lolli Swim A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison, with swimsuit review by Shelby Ling

Lolli Bikini Chris Grant
Did you know that looking super cute while surfing is one of the best distraction tactics in order to get waves from agro dudes? Well now you do. Should be common sense but hey, some of sladies (ladies who slide) are so focused on their surfing assets they won’t even consider tapping into their natural assets to score some waves. As much as surfing should do the talking and prove set wave worth, a little decorative accessory, like say- a bow on your butt, doesn’t hurt either.

Which is why I recruited my stylin’ friend, Shelby Ling, to test out this adorable Lolli Swim bikini. Upon first look at the suit she was a little shocked by the bow but I told her, “Just think of your beautifully bowed butt’s presence as a present to the lineup!” And that it was.

So we headed out with Chris Grant and friends for a fun Beacons evening sesh and the Lolli suit proved its worth as Shelby got all the best south peak waves of the evening.

Lolli Bikini Chris Grant jetty Girl Shelbyshelby-ling-chris-grant-jettygirl-1834
Here are Shelby’s thoughts on the suit:
My favorite things about the suit are the colors and the fit of the bottoms. They were really well cut, comfortable, and very flattering. Surfing in the suit went well- I just tied little top knots on the shoulder straps to make it tighter and more supportive. I do have some boobs, so this top might work a little better on a flatter chested lady, or you can make the adjustment like I did. I recommend the bottoms for laying out because they are a mix of good coverage and create cute tanlines. Overall, this is a very cute and playful suit for the sweet beach bunny. 

Final conclusions: Surfing small sloppy Beacons is so much better with friends and a Lolli bow on your butt.


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Photos: Chris Grant

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