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San Diego Guide, Part I: Drink Your Greens A Guide to the Best Of SD by Guest Blogger, Dustin Towery

California’s latest addiction: Green Juice, cold-pressed to be exact.

Living in Southern California means instant access to some of the best Mexican food and sweet potato fries around. But every now and then we need a break. Welcome to the world of cold-pressed juices, kale salads, and juice cleanses. We’re not talking the plug your nose and gulp or the drink cayenne infused water until you feel good kind. Beaming Del Mar has mastered their craft of soaking, pressing, chopping, and peeling their way to a delicious and nutritiously powerful menu. Their Skinny Cooler has a jalapeño kick and the Rockstar smoothie is a post-workout, well rock star. Any given day of the week you can walk in to this superfood mecka and indulge in a healthy, organic snack and watch the hot moms of North County decide if they want a more raw cacao in their smoothie.Swell4 The other perk of SoCal living? Limited seasons. We get the privilege of soaking in the vitamin D and being active outside all year long. A fall surf, run, or yoga session comes with good weather and killer views around the clock. Unlike most of America who are starting to see snow hit the ground, we’re in our prime 365.

Grab your headphones, long board, green juice and soak in the SoCal life.
– Guest Blogger, Dustin Towery

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Check back soon for Part II of the San Diego Guide

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