September 5, 2013

My thoughts on bikini season: Don’t have one.
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Want to look great in a bikini when Summer rolls around again? Well, ban the term “bikini season” from your vocabulary. Deciding to be in shape and healthy just for times when bikini usage is at it’s highest levels, is 1: unrealistic: 2: unhealthy and 3: asking for disappointment.

So here’s my tip: take care of your body, and live healthy all year long (Even in a blizzard, or a deluge, or when you are wearing so many layers of clothing you lost track of what you are actually wearing.)….so there isn’t a bikini season.

Here’s my second tip: Feel free to wear a bikini, or try one on, all year…so you can see how you are looking in that cute little two piece. Even if it’s under the aforementioned multiple layers of clothing, in a blizzard.

-Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

A few bikini picks to help inspire a year-round bikini “season”:

Pictured above:
Mikoh Swimwear Bikini
Billabong Bikini
Mandalynn Swim Bikini

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