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Be a sunset watcher.

Once, I was traveling in the Greek Isles and was staying at a hostel. I realized it was almost sunset time, and something in my DNA said, “hey you’d better figure out a way to go watch it.” Everyone else was partying, eating, or hanging out in the common room, but I found my way to the roof and watched one of the most spectacular sunsets during my time there. There were two other people on the roof:  an employee at the hostel, and another traveler (I think from the Czech Republic or something). The employee turned to us two lone travelers, and told me something I still haven’t forgotten: “You are either a person who watches sunsets, or you aren’t. I’m so glad that you made the effort.”  It was in a thick Australian accent too. ‘Twas quite poetic.

So, hostel employee in Greece, I am so sorry I forgot your name to give you proper credit, but I am passing on your wise words.

Make the effort to get outside, enjoy a few peaceful minutes, and say cheers to another great, beautiful day.

If you do make the effort, I think it’s the time when mother nature sure likes to show off. In any location…especially if it’s on a rooftop on an island in Greece. Or a beach in Hawaii (like this pic).
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

For the avid sunset watcher…a few choice polarized sunglasses
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