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A sandy Bum is a happy bum.

Why are there so many sandy bum pictures out there. Well it’s easy. A sandy bum is a happy bum. For two very good reasons…

1: Sand provides juuust enough resistance to help perk up the booty when you are running or playing around on it. Case in point: Beach Volleyball players. Yeowza those are some great bums!  So, next time you are at the beach, do some walking lunges, jumping jacks, sprints, even go for a long walk….you shall be feeling it in your bum. And it’s a good thing.

2: Sand is an amazing natural exfoliator. Exfoliation stimulates circulation, which helps disguise cellulite and makes your skin smoother and just better looking overall. Next time you are at the beach, slather on some wet sand and scrub away. Feel free to scrub all over, it’s quite invigorating and is the best free spa treatment around. Don’t have access to some good sand? When you’re at home, use some sugar in the shower. Works like a charm.

So yes, a sandy bum leads to a perkier, well exfoliated, bum. Which makes me quite happy.
-Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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