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Carpe (don’t dread) the diem.

We all know the feeling…going to bed and dreading the sound of our alarm clock the next day. We’ve seen the funny cheeky sayings “I need another day between Saturday and Sunday” ” I’m allergic to Mondays”…yadda yadda. But you know what? Having a negative mindset about a day, before it even happens, doesn’t really give that day a chance.

So I say, figure out a way to enjoy the days of the week you dread.

Here are a few ideas:

* Have some sort of after work activity you love, and can look forward to doing: Surfing, yoga, go on a hike, kickball league, etc.
* Go to a movie during the week.
* Do something über fun the night before the aforementioned dreaded day.
* Wake up an extra hour early so you can surf before work.
* Coffee with friends is always a perk me up.
* Volunteer at an animal shelter/aquarium/some place without grumpy humans.
* Take an art class one night of the week.

A little simple thing that breaks the routine, can take you from dreading a day, to delighting in it. Yes (gasp) even Mondays.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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