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Coconut water. You either love it or hate it. I happen to absolutely adore it for quite a few reasons.
Lets list a few shall we.

Coconut H2O is…
• Packed with amino acids, electrolytes, potassium
• Flushes out excess body fluids, free radicals, and toxins.
• Rejuvenates body cells
• Cleans your digestive tract
• All natural and sugar free
• Cures hangovers
• Helps with blood circulation
• Good for your kidneys
…and MOST of all, if you are drinking coconut water straight-out of an actual coconut, this means you are more than likely somewhere warm and tropical.

Which has an entirely new list of health benefits.

One of which being you are worry-free.

So, I think even Bobby McFerrin would agree with me. Don’t worry, drink a coconut.
- Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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Rebekah Steen
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  • veronica

    love coconuts! too bad i couldnt find any when i went to hawaii… I mean find one off the ground or something they like to clean up the coconut trees in the area i was in therefore no coconuts :(

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