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Printed Beach Pants
I firmly believe that some random things in life are mood lifters. Party Pants are no exception.
What is a Party Pant, you say? I like to define them as this:

Party Pant: a form of comfy sweatpants, that are lightweight, fashionable, printed in something of the tropical or aloha genre…and are pretty much high on life. They can be worn casually around the house as comfy pants, dressed up, to the beach, to feel saucy when heading out to Trader Joes, or pretty much anywhere.

Think of them as mood lifters with an elastic waistband. Or, pants that make you happy. At least whenever I wear mine, that’s my mood.

So, if you are ever feeling down, or need a pick me up. Bust out those party pants, and do a little happy dance.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

Pictured: Billabong Beach Pants

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