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swell_no-fear_62-645I am not one for four letter words. I try to use profanity as little as possible in my life and my blog. And well, there’s one four letter word that I especially try and not use…Fear.
It’s amazing how much that word can impact your life.

Recently I heard Bishop TD Jakes say something that really resonated with me…and inspired this post really:  “Life’s not meant to be lived in a cage, get out and be wild.”


Whenever I tell someone I surf ( or love to do anything in the ocean really),  the majority of the responses are: Aren’t you scared of sharks? My reply: Definitely not enough to keep me from doing something I love. Other surfers are definitely more dangerous. And reef sharks are really cute. So no.

I could turn this post into an essay, or a book (Ok wait, TD Jakes wrote a book on it) but really, sit back and think about things that you are scared of, and how much they are impacting your life. Little things like spiders, heights, and snakes, probably aren’t keeping you from living a life you love. But fear of things like change, the unknown, new places, or not fitting in…could definitely be caging you in.

Think about it.

That brand, No Fear, had a good point.

– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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