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Vitamin ZZZZZZZ. You need it. Get a good dose of it each night.

I used to think it was cool to not sleep enough. Almost like a badge of “I work hard” honor. Well, back then I also weighed about 10 lbs more, had horrible skin, and even had minor heart problems at times.

Nowadays sleep is a priority. 8 hours or more a night. And I tell you, it’s amazing the difference that decision or commitment has made.

Not getting enough sleep? I don’t mean to scare you, but here’s a list of health risks: Decreased productivity of cognitive processes (it dumbs you down), risk for heart problems (serious ones), lack of sex drive, depression, ages your skin, forgetfulness, weight gain, and impaired judgement. So yeah, it pretty much effects your body negatively on all fronts.

Do your best to get some sleep. And yes, hour long naps in the sand help too.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

SWELL’s picks for inspiring some stylish zzz’s…

Pictured: Stone Cold Fox Robe | Ombre Lounge Pant | RVCA Lounge Shorts

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