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Ok, think about it for a minute: how freaking amazing do you feel when you are at the beach? I don’t need to go into detail, just close your eyes and think about it. You feel relaxed, amazing, vibrant, healthy, carefree, and usually the only thing you are worried about is if you are getting burned or not (sunscreen to the rescue).

It seems like prescriptions to achieve this healthy euphoria are written all over, so I have a solution: Make beach therapy and official prescription. Feeling down? Go to the beach, then call me in the morning. You and your spouse are not getting along? Go on a trip to the beach, just the two of you, for a few days (there’s a reason the movie Couples Retreat was in Bora Bora). Got a cold. Go splash around in the sea.

I’d gladly pay that bill, copay, and wait in line for an hour to fill that prescription any day.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

A few beach therapy essentials:
RVCA Bag | Element Trucker Hat | Beach Blanket | L*Space Bikini

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