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When working out (usually at an intense level) it is totally common to be asked the following question (usually in an exasperated/confused manner): What are you training for? Well, as much as I wish I could say the NFL combine, to be a professional stunt person (I’ve actually contemplated this), the Olympics or something totally impressive, my answer is always the same…life.

And you know what, just training for life is totally acceptable. In fact I encourage it, and think it’s the most important thing to train for. You only have one body and you better take care of it. So if I do an extra set of pull ups, and circuit train like a mad woman, it’s an investment into how great I am going to feel in the future, a way to feel great day in and day out, and it is a surefire way to help me sleep incredibly well at night.

So yeah, training for life, is a good answer.

If taking care of your body isn’t enough motivation for you, training for a sport, event, competition, or to feel good in all the itty bitty bikinis that are out there, are good additional motivators too.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

….and a few itty bitty bikinis to help inspire your training….
cheeky bikinis

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