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Having a workout buddy, accountability partner, or someone who will help you get your butt up and moving is pretty much an essential thing nowadays. Let’s be honest, it’s too easy to put our fitness on the back-burner, and we all don’t have the enthusiasm or motivation of Richard Simmons 24/7 (who is amazing by the way). So, I encourage you to enlist a little bit of help.

Here are a few suggestions:

A friend
Your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend.
…or in my case. A dog.

Yes, my dog (ok she’s still a puppy) is officially my workout buddy. Well, we don’t go to the gym together, and she’s totally useless in spotting me when I bench. But since I got her, she gets me up every morning (early), makes sure I get up and go for walks (regularly), has me finding new parks, hikes and beaches, and lets me know when I need to unplug and give her and some other people my undivided attention. One day when she gets older I’m sure we’ll start running together too.

So yes, four legged workout buddies rock too.

I wonder if Richard Simmons has one.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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